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What to Expect

You've decided to make an appointment for your first massage - what should you expect??

Arriving for your appointment...

Plan to arrive for your appointment about 10-minutes early. This will allow time for paperwork; a brief health history and review the Client Bill of Rights

The health history will help start the discussion for your individual needs to be addressed during your massage, but also will give indicators of any contraindications or cautions to receiving massage. Keep in mind that your massage therapist CANNOT at any time diagnose specific conditions for you. We are familiar with many conditions and massage accordingly. Conditions not responding to massage treatment may be referred to medical professionals for specific diagnosis. 

The Client's Bill of Rights is a document informing you that the State of Minnesota is a non-regulated state in regards to massage. It includes the therapist's training, your rights as a client and a notice of confidentiality.

Once the paperwork is complete, your massage therapist will go through your health history and discuss goals and plan for your session.

Your massage is about to start...

After the paperwork is complete and a plan is in place, not a bad idea to consider using the restroom before we start your massage.

You will be welcomed in to the massage room. You will be given instructions to undress and then get on to the massage table under the covers. Your therapist will leave to allow you to do that. 

Once you are ready, the therapist will return and begin your session. Your job is pretty easy at this point. This is your time to be quiet, and "Rest Your Wings" and let healing take place. Occasionally some clients talk, but that is your choice.


Professional draping techniques are used throughout your massage, so only the area currently being worked on will be uncovered, and no inappropriate areas will be exposed. 

Some communication may be necessary. If you feel pressure should or could be adjusted - lighter or deeper. Know that pressure varies throughout, but adjustments can surely be made. If you notice a spasm after an area has been worked, it can be addressed again to minimize discomfort. If you feel pillows may be needed, please ask. It is your session, so know you can make adjustments.

After your massage...

Once your massage is done, your therapist will leave the room and allow you to rest for a few minutes. When you are ready, you can get up, get dressed and return to the office.

Your therapist will check to be sure you are doing OK. Be sure to let your therapist know if something doesn't feel quite right. Occasionally releasing one area of tension can produce another trigger point. 

If you would like to reschedule, that can be addressed at this time. A base-line recommendation of massage every 4-6 weeks works well for many.

You will receive a bottle of water, and be instructed to increase your water intake - especially important for the next few days. The water will help flush any of the metabolic waste released from the muscle tissue during the massage. Clients occasionally will get achy, and rarely almost flu-like symptoms after a massage, and increased water helps to reduce that from happening.

Normal activity can be resumed after a massage. Some prefer to just go home and relax and rest their wings.

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