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Therapeutic Massage...

Don't let the name, Angel's Touch Massage, fool you. My technique is not light and fluffy. Sister Rosalind would never have approved that coming from her school. My massage technique and pressure can vary depending on the tissue, tolerance and end goal of the client. It can be described as slow, deliberate, broad, specific as needed, firm, deeper as the body allows, all with intent. Pressure will vary throughout, allowing for warm-up of the tissue and treatment.


I often compare to the idea of peeling away layers of an onion, as opposed to forcing or jamming my way through the tissue. This allows the client to remain more comfortable while on the table, but still expect to see results at the end of the session. 


Therapeutic massage includes a number of integrated techniques, including:

  • Swedish/Relaxation, Deep Tissue, Trigger Points

  • Accupressure , Myofascial Release, Reflexology

  • Muscle Release Techniques

Massage will usually begin with general techniques to warm, soothe and examine muscle tissue, working toward more specific techniques to elicit a fascial change within the body to decrease pain, change posture, increase range-of-motion or other specific goals in response to specific complaints.

As the client, you always have the right to give feedback regarding pressure and technique. 

On-Site Chair Massage...

On-site Chair Massage is a portable massage service focused on the upper body – neck, shoulders, back and arms. These are areas of common tension and can be treated in 5 - 30 minutes. Recipient is seated in a specifically designed chair and remains fully clothed during treatment.

Perfect for Office Workers, Home Parties, Scrapbooker or Quilter retreats, girls' weekends.

Multiple options available. Call to inquire about a custom event to meet your needs. If more than one therapist is needed, I have access to others to assist.

Chair Massage Rates




Therapeutic Massage



Therapeutic Massage



Therapeutic Massage


Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unaware.
~Hebrews 13:2

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