Angels Touch Massage


Therapeutic massage is wellness oriented.

It can improve circulation, relax tense muscles, decrease pain, improve joint mobility, induce relaxation, promote healthy skin and create a sense of well-being.

Massage increases circulation of the cardiovascular, respiratory and lymphatic systems. Increased circulation removes waste products that can make you feel tired or sore and deliver nutrients vital for tissue repair.

Muscle tension can be released using a variety of techniques. The effects of a single session may be temporary, but regular sessions can decrease and reverse chronic muscle contraction.

Stress may be reduced by massage. Chronic stress affects the nervous system, hormone production and can leave muscles tense, increase heart rate and blood pressure. Breathing can be shallow, and digestion and elimination functions can be affected.

Improved sleep may follow, further allowing the body to repair and restore your energy levels.

We've been conditioned to think pain is OK; it's natural, "no pain-no gain," pain is a part of aging. Pain is not natural; it is our bodies way of telling us something is wrong.